melodies tight

This Ghent offspring of the youngest generation of Belgian jazz bands is inspired by dub and combines a sultry sound with fat grooves. With a background in jazz, Kosmo Sound creates an exciting, danceable and eclectic universe with tight grooves, oriental sounds and spacy sound effects.

Improvisations and expansive melodies take the listener on a trip through their cosmos. The sextet has toured the UK several times, an important breeding ground for the dub. That is where the inspiration for the full album Antenna in 2020 (mixed by Koen Gisen) arose. The ultimate recognition came when their singles were mixed by dub legends Daniel Boyle and Alpha & Omega and played as the support act for Adrian Sherwood, The Twinkle Brothers and Omar Perry. They want to keep exploring the boundaries with their sound, but one certainty remains: Kosmo Sound wants to turn every dance floor into a sweating, dubbing and brooding flesh heap.

  • Ambroos De Schepper (Bandler Ching, Mòs Ensemble, Boogie Belgique) 

  • Marius Couvreur (Madame Blavatsky, RVB quartet) 

  • Edmund Lauret (Nordmann, The Milk Factory, FUR) 

  • Cyriel Vandenabeele (SUWI, ELIAS, Verhalen)  

  • Mattias Geernaert (SUWI, Julien Firmin, Tiny Legs Tim, His Trust Fund)  

  • Bos Debusscher (Pura Vida, Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry, The Congos)